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2023 Pilgrimages

November 9: New Melleray/Galena  Pilgrimage

November 9: New Melleray/Galena Pilgrimage

Join Fr. Grady & Fr. Downing on a Pre-Advent/Month of the Dead Pilgrimage. Visit: Trappist Monks, the tomb of Ven. Samuel Mazzuchelli, St. Michael’s Church and Massbach Ridge Winery. Click to register.

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2024 Pilgrimages

2025 Pilgrimages

Coming Soon

– One day trip to Chicago
– Our Lady of Good Help (Champion, WI)
– One day trip to Holy Hill and more!
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Our Pilgrims Say

Heather B.

Simpsonville, SC

I’ve been on multiple pilgrimages with Marcie and she is fabulous! The focus on our faith and prayer life makes a huge difference in turning a trip into a pilgrimage. The attention to detail makes it all wonderful for me, the traveler. Can’t wait for my next chance to travel with Stella Maris Tours.

Matthew F.

Rockford, IL

I have been on many tours with Stella Maris Tours. I had an excellent time on all of them! I have been on pilgrimages with Stella Maris to Rome, Fatima, Mexico City, Texas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Fr. Brian Grady

Rockford, IL

On trips and pilgrimages that we have coordinated in my last parish and current parish, Stella Maris Tours always comes through to deliver a personalized trip, and one that is deeply rooted in Our Catholic Faith. I highly recommend them!